Storage and warehousing

Storage and warehousing

Storage of your products can be space consuming. Not to mention the time needed and the associated administration. Which customer needs what and when? Do you have the ordered product in stock, even when your customer unexpectedly needs more? As a logistic service provider we have a state-of-the-art storage facility in Tilburg and we can arrange strategic storage locations practically all over the world. Let us take care of storage, order picking, inventory management and dispatching of your products, exactly according to the set conditions. This allows you to concentrate on your core business activities!


Save time and money by outsourcing your storage


Extensive additional services and reports to make things easier for you


For all types of products: secured and centrally located warehouse

Your high value goods can be safely stored in our Tilburg warehouse due to our AEO certification and strict security policy. The modern logistic centre is approximately 33.000m2 and fully equipped with the latest tools and technology. With camera surveillance, sprinkler installation and access control we offer maximum security for the products entrusted to us. Tilburg is located between Antwerp and Rotterdam and nearby all the important routes, inland waterways and rail connections. Because of this central location, many customers use our warehouse as their European distribution centre.

We will be happy to assist our customers with specific demands regarding storage. A constant temperature and humidity makes our warehouse suitable for a wide range of products. Among others we offer our services to companies in automotive, high tech, solar panels and medical related devices industries. Obviously these storage facilities are pest free as we pay a lot of attention to prevent unwanted guests.

The incoming and outgoing products are registered and controlled through barcodes. An integrated and advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) equipped with Radio Frequency (RF), supports the activities such as scanning and reading these barcodes. Efficient administration, total control of inbound and outbound processes is guaranteed. The result of this high standard is visible through our online web tool. We have an extremely high delivery and picking accuracy of 99,7%! These figures are also communicated through information boards in the warehouse. Via this way our employees can contribute in improving our services to you. With the online tool you have full insight in stock, deliveries/shipments and other details of your products. You have complete control of your stock and direct insight in the outsourced logistics. Inventory management, distribution, Value Added Logistics (VAL): anything is possible within our care free logistic services.

We want the best for you, but also for our employees. We have an ongoing ‘safety awareness’ project in which we involve our employees in working safely throughout the complete company. We are always up to date of the latest developments with regard to safety of employees. For example the blue lights on the (reach)trucks that light up when driving in reverse, the conscious and safe separation of (packaging) waste and continuous training (f.e. how to load a truck in the most safe and efficient manner). All these matters contribute to the safety of your products. We can therefore say confidently that we reduced the damages to an absolute minimum.

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Steve Roest
Branch Manager Warehousing

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