Emergency transport

Emergency transport based on a single trip

Your customer in Spain is waiting for two pallets with your products, which should be delivered urgently. Or you have a shipment with spare parts that should be shipped to Eastern Europe right away. Arranging this kind of emergency transport causes a lot of stress, and also takes you a lot of time. Not to mention the transport costs, because urgent transport is quite expensive, right? And which company should you approach? We are happy to help you with all your questions about emergency transport. And at an affordable rate, based on a single trip!

Whether it’s a transport from Germany to Portugal or from England to Spain: MOL Logistics knows the shortest route. With a network of more than 350 delivery vans and dozens of trucks, our partners are available throughout Europe. By means of a screen we can see which vehicle is available for careful shipment of pallets and even larger loads. For each kind of shipment and volume you will receive an fitting solution. And at very competitive rates, based on a single trip!


For urgent delivery of packages or pallets within Europe


Emergency transport at very competitive prices (based on a one-way trip)


Our Customer Service team will advise you to make the best choice

Thanks to the MOL Logistics network, you will get your emergency services affordable at their final destination. Drivers are familiar with the specific demands of our customers regarding transport and products, and deliver customized transport on a high level. Even if your goods need to be send refrigerated, heated or as hazardous goods (ADR).

Also in your surroundings we have a truck ready for your shipment. This is available at any time for your urgent shipments, MOL Logistics is available 24/7. Your goods will be collected as agreed and will reach its destination quickly. Of course against competitive rates and with a satisfaction guarantee. The status of your shipment can be checked through our online Track & Trace module.

Within 2 hours (and if necessary even faster) we will collect your shipment. Of course you will get the driver’s license plate beforehand and you can provide a reference. During the transport we will follow your shipment: on a screen we can track all current emergency transports. If your shipment has arrived at its destination, you will receive a notification with the Proof Of Delivery / POD. This way you will be informed quickly and easily of your emergency shipment. It’s as easy as that!

Our expert

Leslie Geleijns

Emergency transport specialist

Do you have any questions about MOL Logistics? Don’t hesitate to contact us! You can do this by e-mailing: snel@mol-logistics.nl or calling : 013-5373314.

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