Medical devices & healthcare

Medical devices & healthcare

Medical devices and tools: because of the increasing demand and the constant changes in rules and regulations, this remains a challenging and dynamic sector. Timely and accurate delivery of medical products can make a difference between life and death and this raises high demands for transport and logistics. Imagine: because of inaccurate transport the medical device does no longer meet the desired demands and is no longer reliable. What will happen when important medical equipment is not delivered on time and the medical staff cannot act? In healthcare it appears to always be peak season. This means large and small volumes must always be available and in stock: this applies for hospitals, in healthcare, for care products and medical devices and tools. Do you have sufficient storage capacity to guarantee the high completion times?

Qualified staff with a heart for logistic solutions

Luckily we can also support your healthcare or medtech company in this area. Consider transport as well as high quality and sensitive (medical) products. Our trained staff has a lot of experience in handling medical devices and products. You can rely on their expertise through set ISO procedures, supported by a quality IT system that meets the demands of the healthcare branch.


Save time by contacting our Customer Support team: they will take care of the transport and logistics and will select the necessary solution.


Aimed on quality and unburdening your staffs. We offer space in our warehouse to perform additional activities and quality checks.


The choice for safe and fast transport, but against competitive rates. Not only for large volumes, but also for packages with spare parts or a few articles.


Begin with a noncommittal appointment with one of our colleagues. They will gladly look at the challenges at hand.

Many medical divices and healthcare products request a clean and tidy warehouse. Do you have this at hand? In our warehouse we can store your medical products in a separate area, equipped with temperature controlled systems. Through our online system you can see exactly what is in storage. We also have experience in preparing transport for refrigerated goods. Consider packages with dry ice, gel and cool packs. Of course these products will arrive in the same condition at your client!

Your customer requests timely and careful delivery. Which transport company do you call? With a network of over 350 vans and dozens of trucks we are available throughout Europe for shipping your medical devices. Our drivers are aware of all specific demands of our healthcare customers for the transport of their products and will deliver customization at a high level. If necessary we will engage two drivers who will drive night and day to meet the deadline. Whether it concerns a small parcel or a large volume.

We will take care of the screening or testing of your products or spare parts, assembling of specials kits, labelling, barcoding and checking serial numbers. Also consider registering and managing serial and batch numbers, picking on FEFO bases (first expiry, first out) and several quarantine functions. Also in case recall or repair of products is necessary, we will come with a solution so it will go smoothly. You can rely on the specialist in medical devices!


“Several connections in the healthcare and medical industry defy the daily logistic challenges, as do we. For example a manufacturer of capsules for medicines. This company in Asia supplies to various European countries, but lacked the knowledge to structure this. Now, for over a few decades, we take care of storage of these products as well as several additional activities so the capsules can go to the European recipients according the applicable quality demands. We went a little further and now also take care of their splitting activities. We divide large rolls of foil into smaller parts, so handling is easier. Because it concerns bonded goods, we also take care of the administration thereof.”

Our expert

Jos van der Borght
Key Account Manager


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