Automotive logistic solutions

De automotive industrie blijft zich razendsnel ontwikkelen. Zeker nu digitalisering en ‘connectivity’ zorgen voor nieuwe uitdagingen. Ook volgen digitale ontwikkelingen elkaar razendsnel op. Ze resulteren in steeds kortere doorlooptijden: uw afnemers verwachten een persoonlijke aanpak tegen lage kosten. Dat vraagt ontzettend veel van u. Of u nu fabrikant of leverancier van onderdelen bent, u richt op personenauto’s, trucks, motoren of (land)bouwvoertuigen. Hoe pakt u deze toename in gemak, veiligheid, zuinigheid en gepersonaliseerde dienstverlening aan? Kunt u de toenemende druk aan, ook op logistiek gebied? Of laat u hier kansen liggen omdat u al jaren zaken doet met transportbedrijven die niet iedere mogelijke optimalisatie benutten?

Creative and performance driven automotive solutions

We welcome these challenges! As your creative partner we contribute to innovative solutions within the automotive industry. You may expect a high service and quality level against competitive rates. We are certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standards (complete supply chain management). And can independently advise you which transport possibility suits best!

Start with a consultation meeting to look at the logistic challenges, or other activities for which you need support.


Our in-house specialists assist you with customs issues, import, export, storage facilities and consolidation of shipments.


Make use of a qualitative global network in which we advise independently. These do not necessarily need to be the established ‘big guys’.


Knowledge of the market and activities through experience with several automotive customers (over 20% of our clients). These companies award our services with an 8-!

In the quiet holiday season or the busy high season, your own employees may not have time for quality control, repacking, rework or kitting activities. But what if orders of your clients keep coming in? Do you say ‘no’ to your clients? Not when it is up to us! With experienced and committed colleagues we support your automotive company with quality Value Added Services against affordable rates. Consider assembly, combining kits, quality control and ‘reverse logistics’. We gladly take care of your additional activities.

Your supplier is delivering your necessary spare parts too late or not at all. Or at different times, which causes production line stops. Your staff is ready and waiting, but cannot start as the articles are not available. This results in a higher work pressure and increasing delays. Your employees and your customers are getting irritated. Do you let this happen? Have our colleagues support the import of your automotive parts from all over the world, from Asia to America. Via express or against the lowest costs, for the whole shipment or only the necessary parts. We arrange everything fast, reliable and with the necessary commitment!

Because of the increasing demand of the products or (spare) parts, you do not have the time to contact transport companies and compare rates. Is this transport company offering the needed quality level? Do not worry, we will take care of these issues for you! As a result, Europe will be within reach for your (end) products through detailed distribution and time critical deliveries. We always look at your needs so you can rely on meeting time frames and quality demands.


“Our automatic transmissions are being produced in the Far East. They are shipped in containers to the Port of Rotterdam. MOL Logistics takes care of everything: transport to Tilburg, customs process, unloading and storage in their warehouse in Tilburg. Once the automatic transmissions are needed at the production sites, specially trained staff performs a quality check and arranges transport to our factories throughout Europe. Prompt delivery is extremely important to us, and MOL Logistics takes care of this. They even take care of the reverse logistics, by arranging the transport of the empty steels back to the Far East.”

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Automotive logistic solutions