Update Corona virus in the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide

In response to the outbreak of the Corona virus, we would like to give you an update on the current situation and the consequences for transport and logistics. On this page, we will keep you informed of developments!

Update 15 October 2020: tightening up measures

During the press conference of 13 October 2020, the government announced stricter measures for the coming period. The virus is still not under control and the number of infections is unfortunately rising sharply lately. For our organisation, this means that additional measures apply within our offices, for staff, suppliers and visitors alike. These measures will remain in place at our offices in Tilburg, Hoogvliet and Schiphol until further notice. Below is a summary of the most important measures.

General basic rules for everyone

  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, do not shake hands and wash your hands regularly.
  • Avoid crowded places.

Mouth cap obligation

Wearing a mouth cap becomes mandatory within our branches in the following situations:

  • All warehouse employees wear a mouth shield when carrying out their work and when moving to and from the canteen.
  • Whenever you move around within our premises, you wear a mouth cap. The mouthguard can be removed as soon as you sit behind your desk or at another work/meeting place.
  • All drivers who report to the shipping desk wear a mouth shield.
  • All other visitors (including regular suppliers and customers) wear a mouth cap when they move within our premises. This also applies when they carry out work within our premises that they do not carry out at a fixed workplace.

The mouthpieces are made available by MOL Logistics and are available via manager or via fixed dispensing points within our offices.

In case of complaints:

  • Stay home and get tested.
  • If one of your housemates suffers from an additional anxiety or fever, all housemates must stay at home until it has been established that the housemate in question has been tested negative (read: has no corona).

Working from home

We comply as much as possible with the cabinet's request to 'work from home unless there is no other option'. We realise that working from home is not an option for a considerable number of our employees. Anyone who carries out his or her work within one of our branches is subject to the above mentioned mouth guard obligation and, of course, the basic rules.

Internal and external meetings

  • All meetings within our MOL Logistics branches are limited to a maximum of 4 persons (in total) in one room. The 1.5 meter distance must always be observed and the rules regarding the use of mouth guards must be observed when moving. Try to keep such meetings and customer visits to a minimum and replace them, where possible, by meetings via video calls.
  • In the outdoor areas around our premises there is also a maximum group size of 4 persons. Here, too, the 1.5 metre distance must be observed.
  • We maintain the measure that drivers do not have access to our premises other than the shipping desk.
  • Permanent service providers (such as the cleaning service, customs, parcel service/mail and the like) have access to our premises and wear a mouth cap as shown above.
  • All visitors are required to register, including a health check.

Only if we all adhere to the set standards will we hopefully be able to get the Corona virus under control.

MOL Logistics still adheres to RIVM guidelines. This is how we keep transport and logistics as safe as possible for our employees, partners and customers.

Of course, we are still at your service with your transport and logistics. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Only together will we get Corona under control.

Update 8 June 2020: easing measures

We have noticed that the number of infections has decreased in several countries. That is very good news! Measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are being phased out in almost all European countries. However, measures are still in place across Europe to prevent a new outbreak wave. For example, you must keep sufficient distance to others and mouth masks are often mandatory on public transport and in shops.

Update 26 March 2020: accessibility Italy and Europe

As the Corona outbreak in Italy is becoming increasingly serious, the Italian government announced a new package with very strict measures. The most important measure is to immediately close the production companies (except for some important and urgent sectors such as chemicals and medical devices). Trucks are still allowed to drive, but this decision affects the availability of trucks for loading and unloading. Many companies have already closed their doors and there will be many more after March 25. Indeed, Italian companies are still allowed to receive and ship goods up to this date to fulfill their latest pending commercial orders.

Unfortunately, the increasingly stricter measures are causing many delays and capacity problems, not only in Italy but also in the rest of Europe. Certain destinations are also more difficult or even impossible to reach (in some cases not via dedicated transport) and transit times are increasing. Unfortunately, the continued decrease in capacity, delays on the road and other factors also significantly increase transport costs.

We will of course continue to support you, together with our partners, as much as possible in transporting your goods. We keep you informed as much as possible about your current and planned shipments, lead times as well as expected cost increases.

Update March 18th 2020: logistics services and road transport

We would like to inform you about our logistics services and subsequent road transport for all European destinations. You can read the full article via the link below.

Update March 16th 2020: updated measurements

On Sunday 15 March, the government took additional measures to tackle the corona virus. Minister Bruins (Medical Care) and Minister Slob (Primary and Secondary Education and Media) explained the measures (based on advice from RIVM) during a press meeting. The measures are:

  • Schools and nurseries close from Monday March 16 to Monday April 6. This concerns schools in primary, secondary and MBO.
  • Children of parents in care, the police, public transport and the fire brigade, for example, are provided with childcare in the school and the nursery, so that their parents can continue to work. Lecturers will organize distance education for children who are sitting at home, with priority for graduate students in secondary education and MBO.
  • All food and beverage outlets will be closed from Sunday 15 March 6:00 pm to Monday 6 April. Sports and fitness clubs, saunas, sex clubs and coffee shops also close from Sunday 15 March 6 p.m. to Monday 6 April.
  • Everyone in the Netherlands is asked to keep a distance of 1.5 meters where possible. Also when shopping for example.
  • All measures previously taken will be extended until Monday April 6.

In anticipation of this, as MOL Logistics we have taken the following measures:

  • Stay at home with complaints of a cold and / or cough and / or sore throat and / or fever. Avoid social contact.
  • Keep 1.5 meters apart at all times and keep desks at least 1.5 meters apart.
  • Work at home as much as possible (where technically and practically possible) or try to spread working hours in consultation. Appropriate measures will also be taken in consultation with parents of school-aged children.
  • The measures previously communicated regarding internal and external meetings remain in full force:
    • Internal “face-to-face” meetings are only allowed to a maximum of 3 persons (taking into account a minimum distance of 1.5 meters) and only if strictly necessary. Please convert scheduled meetings (up to and including 6 April) to conference calls or video conferences.
    • External meetings with customers and suppliers are converted into conference calls or video conferences. If this is not possible, the scheduled meetings will be postponed until at least after April 6.
  • No more access for non-MOL employees to all our offices. As stated earlier, this also applies to all drivers. Regular service providers (such as the cleaning service, customs, parcel services / mail and the like) are of course an exception to this. Also avoid shaking hands here and keep an appropriate distance during such contact moments (at least 1.5 meters).

Through these preventive measures, we hope to minimize the risk of the virus spreading and to guarantee the continuity of our business operations. Of course we take our responsibility and put our shoulders to the wheel to continue to provide our customers with the services they have come to expect from us.

There are more and more reports of precautions that countries are taking to protect themselves and prevent further Covid-19 outbreaks. We receive reports from various partners about the current state of affairs affecting Italy, Europe and the rest of the world.

  • In Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic, the borders remain open for freight traffic. The three countries have announced this. The measure is a result of the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Countries, even if they are not adjacent to Italy, impose further restrictions on drivers from Italy. This will likely be extended to drivers from every country very soon.
  • Some carriers suspend activities to protect the health of their drivers. Combined with the fear that some drivers have of driving, the many health checks and waiting times when loading and unloading, this significantly reduces the availability of vehicles needed to handle all requests.
  • For air freight, we see a continuous deteriorating capacity decrease. After several immigration embargoes, airlines are canceling passenger connections, which is why much of the belly capacity is no longer available. This has consequences for entering / leaving or transiting through China, the US, India, Korea, Japan and so on. The loss of belly capacity cannot be fully compensated by the use of full cargo aircraft. In summary: on most lanes (China – Europe and VV, China – USA and VV, Europe – USA and VV, Intra APAC) we experience a significant difference between demand and available capacity. As a result, we unfortunately expect huge price increases.
  • In sea freight, there is mainly a shortage of space and equipment (containers) due to missing inbound sailings. In Asia, production is recovering slowly, although the recovery is still delayed by the backlog that has to be made up.
  • The above measures unfortunately cause many delays and capacity problems. Certain destinations are also more difficult or impossible to reach (in some cases not via dedicated transport) and transit times can unfortunately no longer be guaranteed. However, together with our partners, we can offer alternatives to transport from Asia, for example by rail.
  • TLN (Transport and Logistics Netherlands) has a live blog about all updates: https://www.tln.nl/nieuws/liveblog-coronavirus/

Of course we keep you informed as much as possible of your current and upcoming shipments.

We hope for your understanding. For questions about the above measures, please contact one of our MT members.

Useful websites with updates about the Corona virus:

What about your shipments to and from China, Italy, Europe and other affected areas?

At this moment a majority of air, ocean, road and rail carriers are adjusting their timetables. We also expect adjustments to transport services within Europe. This may result in delays, cancellations and reduced capacity, which may cause rate increases.

We do our utmost to gather as much information as possible and our sea, air and road transport teams will provide you with more detailed updates regarding your current and upcoming shipments.

For now, MOL Logistics will monitor the situation closely and give you timely updates. If you have any questions about this situation, please contact our teams:

Air freight:Ocean freightRoad Transport & Rail
Branch ManagerRichard Boogaard
Saskia Slotboom
Harold van Vugt
+3165374 8734
Customer Servicesalesair@mol-logistics.nlsalessea@mol-logistics.nlsalesroad@mol-logistics.nl

Previous reporting

Recent update (4 March 2020)

At the moment people in China are travelling back to the working cities. Production from the factories is slowly picking up again and transport for delivery in China is also taking place more often. The Wuhan area is still closed and the factories there are still closed. Transportation to/from the Wuhan region is therefore not being carried out. Shipping companies are fully open outside Wuhan again. Sailings from China are hampered by the blank sailings and the high number of TEUs at the terminals. Exports from Rotterdam also suffer from blank sailing in certain areas. The shortage of equipment remains a challenge for the time being and as a result some shipping companies charge surcharges.

MOL Logistics takes appropriate measures to minimise the risk of contamination. Read the memo here

Update of 24 February 2020

Meanwhile, the Coronavirus is also affecting Europe. In recent days, for example, the number of infections in northern Italy has increased sharply. There are close ties between the Netherlands and the affected area and many people travel up and down. The Italian government has already quarantined a number of areas* as a precautionary measure, making deliveries by road, rail and short-sea in these areas more difficult.

The European Commission indicates that it is not taking hasty measures against the Coronavirus, but is advocating a proportionate and coordinated approach with a joint approach by the EU Member States.

* These are Italian territories:

26821 Bertonico26823 Castiglione d'Adda26827 Terranova dei Passerini
26841 Casalpusterlengo26844 Castelgerundo26845 Codogno
26847 Maleo26848 San Fiorano26861 Fombio
26867 Somaglia35030 Vo Euganeo

Update of 21 February 2020

The spread of the corona virus is causing many cancellations and delays in the transport of goods, both air and sea freight. For example, many air freight operations have been discontinued, involving both passenger and cargo flights. The major Chinese seaports are also facing heavy congestion. The Evofenedex Association of Entrepreneurs wrote an extensive article about this. Below you will find a point-by-point summary of the article. Read the full Evofenedex article here.

Air traffic suffers from a shortage of ground personnel, which causes delays in the proper handling of goods. This is expected to return to normal in the coming weeks, after which cargo flights will resume.

For the time being, there is still a shortage of air cargo capacity due to cancellations of passenger flights, as a result of which goods cannot be carried on these flights.

The major seaports of Shanghai, Ningbo and Xingang are affected by heavy congestion. Hong Kong is still functioning, although the border between Hong Kong and mainland China has been closed. Here, too, there is a huge backlog that will have to be cleared before all operations return to normal.

Local transport is also delayed. Some of the drivers are still at home due to quarantine measures and the issuing of permits is not running smoothly due to the situation.

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