Road transport: access to Europe by road

Road transport has a large variety of specialities. For example, one carrier is specialized in transport to (and from) France and Spain, while another focusses on Scandinavia or Eastern Europe. Do you know who to contact? Or do you continue to search on the internet which is very time consuming. Is the carrier able to take care of refrigerated transport and can he cope with seasonal peaks?

All your shipments safely and quickly transported by road.

We will gladly take care of all these enquiries and more, you can rely on us. We work closely with all sorts of parties in road transport! Via this way we can ensure that our customers have the best carrier and the best price for each shipment. From a single pallet to a full load (Full Truck Load / FTL), from conditioned transport to (project) loads with special dimensions: MOL Logistics looks for creative solutions!

Whole of Europe within reach through 1 partner.


For all sorts of dimensions big or small: full trailers (FTL) and groupage shipments (LTL).


Temperature controlled shipments and time critical deliveries.


More efficiency in combination with storage, cross docking and other / additional services.

European network

As forwarder MOL Logistics is familiar with the full road network. By this we mean that we have the knowledge which is necessary to arrange your transport efficiently and within the desired requirements. Through our international and balanced network we cover the whole of Europe, including Eastern Europe and Russia. For many important European destinations we can offer you scheduled services for full trailers (FTL) and pallet/groupage shipments (LTL). Some important destinations are: Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Ireland, England / UK, (Eastern) Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Turkey.

In most cases we are able to collect the goods on a short term; often the next day and in case of time critical shipments even faster. In case of dedicated transport we can pick up the goods within 2 hours. The license plate of the driver and the POD (Proof Of Delivery) will be provided. We will contact the recipient to confirm the unloading date and time. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

Efficient transport of your shipments

The creative usage of knowledge, experience, capacity and resources is the basis of our existence. Through our experience in wide range of industries we know that every shipment is unique. Gladly we consider how we can use road transport in the most efficient for your shipment. In case an alternative shipping method is more suitable for your shipment, we will let you know. Consider inland navigation, shortsea or rail solutions. You can rely on our deliveries and this leads to more flexibility in your sales and/or production processes.

Are your transport and logistics up-to-date?

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Use a logistics center

Do you have several suppliers throughout Europe or even several shipments towards the same consignee? Use our centrally located logistics centre in Tilburg. This warehouse can be used as a logistic hub for deliveries across Europe. For many export shipments the warehouse functions as a consolidation centre. We collect goods from various locations and subsequently combine these goods to be shipped as one load per container or trailer. This saves costs for you!

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