Rail freightthe environmentally conscious middle man.

In earlier times, rail transport ensured that products such as silk and spices were transported to and from China. Throughout the years, rail transport started to fade into the background. Partly due to the time lost coupling and disconnection of wagons. But also because of a sub-standard rail network. In order to stimulate international trade, China has invested a lot in the railway network in recent years.

Rail transport perfectly suits companies looking for a faster solution than sea freight.

Therefore, we nowadays see more and more (luxury) goods passing by on the railways. Think of electronics and clothing, or trend-sensitive products and raw materials. Especially in times when airlines and shipping companies are struggling with capacity problems, a container by rail can offer you a solution. An environmentally-conscious solution that perfectly suits companies looking for a faster solution than sea freight. MOL Logistics is more than happy to support you if you want to utilise this mode of transport.

Single point of contact: from loading to unloading of your products.


Ideal solution for capacity and turnaround challenges.


Suitable for products that need to be shipped to / from China in the short term.


Warehouse close to rail terminal: ideal location for additional activities.

Fast turn around time

Rail transport has a relatively short transit time and is somewhat faster than sea freight. For instance, your products or raw materials can be delivered from China to The Netherlands within 15 to 20 days via Chengdu, Shanghai, Hefei, Changsha or Wuhan. With subsequent deliveries throughout Europe. This is because freight trains are not submitted to the same driving time restrictions as lorry drivers, and congestion isn’t an issue on the railways. In addition, various parties are working to further reduce the transit time.

Total package

Even though trains have been running on the new Silk Road for years, railway transport is experiencing a revival. Not all companies know how to fit this into their current transport options. To relieve these concerns, we offer a total package for rail transport. Everything for door to door transport including all customs procedures.

That is:

  • Including advice & documentation
  • Including updates, so you can plan well
  • Including pre- and oncarriage, your products delivered home
  • Including competitive rates

Are your transport and logistics up-to-date?

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Environmentally friendly

Do you think of rail transport in terms of large steam locomotives burning tons of coal? That time is over. Rail transport may be among the most sustainable and environmentally friendly transport solutions. Especially when it comes to intercontinental transport. This method of transport is more environmentally friendly than, for example, sea freight or air freight. In addition, the freight trains run according to a predetermined timetable and it is a reliable solution.

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