Packagesfor all your fast express and parcel shipments.

Imagine this scenario: a package with spare parts should be in Asia the day after tomorrow, otherwise the entire production line of your customer shuts down. Meanwhile, another customer in the USA is awaiting a package with your products, which actually should have been there yesterday. This not only causes you a lot of stress, but often takes up a lot of your time. Especially if you have a lot of (smaller) package shipments that need to be shipped worldwide.

Benefit from excellent service combined with competitive rates for parcels.

Which package service should you choose? And do they also provide the desired service to your most important destinations worldwide? A lot of questions, which can be eliminated by contacting us.

For your international express and parcel shipments, MOL Logistics works with major international parties such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT. Because of our high volumes our customers benefit from our competitive rates for parcels, combined with excellent service. Whether you need same day, next day, just-in-time or delivery before a certain time. By engaging the right party at the right time, we ensure that each shipment will arrive with utmost care and in time at its destination. Is your shipment not that urgent? Then you can count on a suitable ‘economy’ solution.


For sending all your business packages and parcel shipments worldwide.


Profit from the ideal mix of speed and competitive prices.


Our Customer Service team will advise you to make the best choice.

Delivered worldwide

You can use several parcel services if you want to ship packages throughout Europe or worldwide. But do you know which one offers you the fastest transit time or the most competitive rate for each destination? By using our services, you do not have to perform this search over and over again. We are happy to do this for you! You will receive a quick quote for sending your parcels through Europe or worldwide. Almost all packages can be door delivered.

Reliable deliveries

Nothing is as annoying as a package that does not arrive in time or even gets damaged. Of course, this cannot be entirely prevented, but we can avoid it as much as possible by working together with quality parcel services. Not only are we looking for the cheapest price, we also check the reliability and service level that they provide. This way you can rely on the right mix of quality and price.

Are your transport and logistics up-to-date?

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Make it easy for your business

If you ship a lot of packages to your business customers, sending and monitoring these can be quite complicated. When should which package be picked up and delivered? What if you do not want carriers or parcel services on your premises several times a day? In consultation, we can collect your packages according to a fixed schedule. That can be done daily or weekly, according to your needs. This way you will not have carriers at your doorstep again and again, and your staff can get started with the preparation of shipments.

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