Internal logistics: support at your place of work

For some companies, hiring qualified logistics personnel is not feasible. Or the training of office or production personnel in the field of transport proves impossible in practice. While your products do need to be properly packed and transported.

Tools to align people, processes and productivity.

The raw materials you receive and the products you manufacture must be processed correctly so that your production staff can continue. We understand that this can put extra pressure on your colleagues.

So let us help you with your internal logistics, with support on the shop floor from our employees. This way, we offer you tools to align people, processes and productivity in your facility(s). And that gives your company a competitive advantage!


Save time and money by outsourcing the care of your transport, storage and internal logistics.


Support in quality control, packaging and making shipments safe.


Partnership by thinking along in continuous improvement of the processes.


No more worries: handy online tools make your stocks and shipments transparent.

At your site

Together with your colleagues, we make your organisation more productive and efficient. The MOL Logistics employees are ready to ensure that your goods end up in the right place. The team plans and coordinates incoming and outgoing road transport, sea and air freight. You can also feel free to leave all administrative matters relating to the import and export of your goods as well as customs activities to us. But our service does not stop there: we also perform 'value added' operations, such as repackaging or putting together kits. We then prepare your goods for shipment and load the containers or trucks. We administer all information accurately in an operational warehouse system. We apply high quality and safety standards in all activities, and monitor progress through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Quality and control

Our internal logistics services help you save costs, increase productivity and get the best out of your people. But above all, they give you more control over your material flows, offer a high stock accuracy and increase production flexibility. We invest a lot in processes and training so that we can focus on as few production interruptions as possible. This is how we deliver quality!

Are your transport and logistics up-to-date?

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It doesn't matter what kind of products you produce or what raw materials you ship. You need to be sure that the logistics work is done correctly and safely. Our experienced staff will assist you on site. As a result, things can be coordinated quickly and communication runs smoothly via short lines. We also support your production line by streamlining the delivery and unloading of raw materials and finished products. Well-trained colleagues bring the raw materials and semi-manufactured products to the various machines in the production area. The end product then goes to your warehouse or that of your customers. Easy, isn't it?

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