Fiscal & Customs: accurate support where you need it.

Dutch Customs has a large number of tasks and responsibilities appointed to them. One widely known task is collecting import duties, levies and taxes. The associated formalities for your import and export, if not handled correctly, can raise big issues.

Ask our in-house customs specialists your questions.

Which rules and regulations apply for your products? How much import duties should be paid? Do the same rules apply for all the different countries you are doing business with? These and many more questions, you can submit to our in-house customs specialists. They can advise and support you with all fiscal and customs related matters. Being amongst the first in 2008 to receive the full AEO certification you can be assured of compliance with all processes. MOL Logistics: your reliable partner for accurate customs clearance!

Deze en nog veel meer vragen kunt u altijd stellen aan onze in-house douanespecialisten. Zij kunnen u adviseren en ondersteunen op fiscaal- én douanegebied. MOL Logistics: uw betrouwbare partner voor accurate douaneafhandeling!


AEO Full certified.


Fast, efficient processing of shipments.


Support for all import-, export- and transit-documents and formalities.


Bonded storage.

In-house experts

We can help you or arrange for you all formalities regarding import, export and transit of your products no matter where in The Netherlands. Our in-house specialists can assist you with all VAT issues related to the im- and export process and facilitate fiscal representation.

Fiscal Representation

Do you want to import goods from outside the EU and sell them to a buyer in the EU but you don’t have your own VAT number in The Netherlands? The solution can in many cases be found in Fiscal Representation. MOL Logistics will take care of customs clearance, VAT payments and the administration involved with regards to the intra-community deliveries and statistic reports. To serve our customers, we offer Limited as well as General fiscal representation.

Are your transport and logistics up-to-date?

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Entrepot storage

Is there no known destination for your products? We can store goods in our warehouse under customs bond waiting for the actual delivery into Europe or anywhere else in the world. If desired, we can even sort or repack your products. Our customs department will only declare to customs the goods actually leaving the storage and only then the applicable duties, levies and taxes will be due. Goods can also be transferred under customs bond to another EU country or brought outside the EU again. Obviously in that case no duties and taxes are due in The Netherlands.

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Gateway to Europe

The Netherlands has a liberal policy regarding representation for VAT. The Dutch government works hard to maintain a system without unnecessary administration. This leads to an attractive business climate for international operating companies. Business activities in The Netherlands remain simple because of the efficient customs procedures build on trustworthy companies with full AEO status.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Applying Fiscal Representation, no VAT is paid for imported goods as the buyer of the goods in EU will be responsible in the country of destination. This will result in lower costs, cash-flow and interest advantages.
  • Automated customs processes for an optimal timing in the supply chain.