MOL Logistics contributes to the Tilburg Food Bank

2 Feb, 2021

The Tilburg Food Bank Foundation is committed to households in Tilburg and the surrounding area, which for whatever reason have run into financial difficulties and are therefore no longer able to buy food.

Last week, Chris Goeverneur (General Manager Sales at MOL Logistics) visited the regional distribution center of the foundation to deliver a number of food packages.

“Especially during this period it is very important that the Food Bank continues to have sufficient food available. We are therefore very pleased that in this way we can make a small contribution to Tilburg households that are struggling, ”says Chris Goeverneur.

Would you like to know more about the Tilburg Food Bank or would you like to donate yourself?

What does the Tilburg Food Bank do?

Food that is no longer sold and is still suitable for consumption is provided by the Tilburg Food Bank to households in financial difficulties. Social assistance agencies and administrators refer these families to the Foundation. The food is provided free of charge by supermarkets and other food suppliers. They only work with unpaid volunteers. 

In addition to being a food bank for the municipalities of Tilburg and the surrounding area, they are also one of the ten national distribution centers of Food Banks Netherlands. The Foundation serves the region of North Brabant and Zeeland. This means that food that is offered nationally and regionally by large supermarket chains and other suppliers is first transported to the Tilburg Food Bank. There the food is stored and brought to the food banks in Noord-Brabant and Zeeland. This is necessary in order to obtain sufficient food and a balanced composition of the food packages. The local food banks also acquire food from local supermarkets and other food stores such as bakers, butchers and greengrocers.

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MOL Logistics contributes to the Tilburg Food Bank

MOL Logistics contributes to the Tilburg Food Bank

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