Logistics solutions for the solar and semiconductor industry

More and more, solar energy becomes the standard in projects and new construction. The government stimulates the use of solar panels by sustainable energy schemes. Also the technology is developing continuously. Roof tiles, glass, car windows and even spray cans: more products support the solar technique. Consequently you have higher R&D costs and faster lead times for your current products and (spare) parts.

Flexible warehousing and thorough quality checks.

Good for development of the real estate values, but for you an extra challenge you were probably not aiming for. Do you have control over the transport of panels, semiconductors or spare parts? Or do your customers receive damaged goods or delayed shipments? It’s about time to have a talk with MOL Logistics.

Manufacturers and distributors of semiconductors, solar panels and spare parts will find that the development of solar technique can overtake the costs for transport and logistics. That is not intended, the transport should support the technique! That is why you can turn to MOL Logistics for flexible storage, quality checks and delivery to projects and distributors in several countries. Whether it concerns (thin) film, flexible and conventional systems: we consider the best transport solution available.


You pay competitive rates for express delivery of spare parts. Thanks to a smart network for smaller and larger volumes.


You can use our worldwide network for air and ocean freight, in which we can advise you independently.


Support in composing kits for distributors: including panels, inverters and spare parts for installation. Or for conducting quality inspections.


Start with an advisory visit to look at the issues at hand or in which activities you can use support.

How can MOL Logistics support you?

“Because of the fast development of technology, one of our customers had several transport issues. Their suppliers delivered at different times which increased the transport costs. Besides that, their own storage space was too small for the increasing products and spare parts. They decided to look for a partner who could help them with this. Not only with the efficient imports and storage of the panels, but also to assist with the paper work and arranging the transport within Europe. The came to MOL Logistics and we started with assisting them with stock management. By monitoring the deliveries of suppliers, we realised several savings. And these were used for further development of the technology!”

Logistic solutions

Technological developments are super-fast. You wish to sell your current line of panels timely before technology catches up. That can cause some financial issues. Through smart stock control and flexible storage possibilities you can proceed with the technological developments. Using our logistic solutions you can maximize efficiency from your transport. Are you sure you meet the complicated rules and regulations? MOL logistics can assist you with all necessary transport and documents. Our team will gladly give you specific advice!

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Road transport

You do not want the panels to arrive damaged or faulty at your customer or distributor. This often becomes an expensive issue and results in loss of your margin and good name! Solar panels require careful and safe transport, without unnecessary loading and unloading from truck to container and vice versa. A solid packaging will also contribute. But how to approach this, without time consuming searches on Google? Contact us so we can select the right carrier for road transportation. One who will uphold quality and safe delivery of the panels and parts.

Road more about roadfreight

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Affordable seafreight

What is the origin of your solar panels and spare parts? Especially Europe, United States and Asia (China) are a cradle for solar technology. How will you get your products safely and at reasonable costs to The Netherlands? Do you have several suppliers who deliver the necessary items at different times, which regularly cause time loss? Let us take care of your worldwide deliveries through quality ocean freight. We can also play a coordinating role in managing your suppliers by consolidation.

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