Transport and logistics in fashion and shoes

The fashion and shoes industry is constantly under pressure because of the fluctuating sales figures, hefty competition and increasing costs. The players in the market must be as creative and versatile as the fashion trends. Seasonal fluctuations ask for fast response times, high capacity in the high season and price conscious deliveries in the low season. Retailers and wholesalers in clothing and shoes that operate the European market can turn to MOL Logistics. You profit from fast and flexible deliveries of your products to the stores.

Transparent inventory management and fast supply

Nothing is more bothersome as late or wrong delivered clothing. Or a shipment of shoes which is scattered over the container because the boxes were miserably loaded and not secured. Luckily for you this does not have to be a problem anymore. MOL logistics will assist you with flexible and fast deliveries and works closely with brokers, imported, exporters, fabric and material suppliers.

We will go an extra mile and maintain a transparent inventory management system which will meet your individual needs.


Qualified in-house specialists gladly help you with issues of customs related matters, import, export and the use of the right documents.


Transport of fashion and shoes throughout Europa and worldwide. In time deliveries and in perfect condition at your or your customers’ location.


Accurate quality checks, support in safeguarding of shipments and additional services such as stickering, (re)packaging and labelling with the necessary data.


Knowledge of the fashion market through experience with several customers from the branch (over 5% of our clients). They award our service with an 8-!

How can MOL Logistics support you?

“A well-known shoe-brand saw the demand for their fashion product increasing over the years. To be able to fulfil the demands of their customers, keep the production of the shoes at high level and be able to deliver to their clients, they asked us to coordinate the transport. How can we best approach the Portuguese suppliers and transport the high quality materials safe and fast to the Netherlands? Based on mutual trust and a solid quality network we came up with a consolidation solution with set pick-up times at the suppliers. This way they could keep growing in the shoe branch and setting the trends!”

European distribution for fashion and shoes

Always a challenge: timely supplying the stores of your customers with the new fashion trends. Fast pick-up and deliveries throughout Europe: with our accurate distribution network you achieve your goal. And for really urgent shipments we will think along with you. This can be done simple and affordable through our emergency transport network! This will get you quality and low pricing. As a result wou do not have to worry and the sales of your fashion items can continue.

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Smart inventory management

Can’t meet the demands of your clients because a popular article is suddenly out of stock? Don’t you have the opportunities to sort, repack and label clothing in ‘unpacked’ loaded containers? And also handle the administration thereof? Do you want to know at all times how many items of a certain size or certain colour are in stock? This is possible at MOL Logistics! Both you and MOL Logistics have insight in your stock: which articles are popular and when stock needs to be supplemented. We can timely consider unexpected market developments and you can set the trend in the fashion industry!

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Are your transport and logistics up-to-date?

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Stock supplement by Ocean freight

Do you get your fabrics, materials, clothing or shoes from workshops in India, China, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Turkey, Portugal or even from throughout the world? Imagine these workshops suddenly cannot deliver, that would be a huge problem. We can assist you with the contact of your local suppliers, finetune the delivery of the products and take care of necessary consolidation so you can save on transport costs. We ship your products in containers to their destination, whether this is your or our warehouse, or directly to your client.

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