Logistics solutions for the Chemicals industry

Chemical products are often the basis of the production process and therefor the demand for these products is high. Whether it concerns a can of deodorant, coatings, plastic cups, rolls of carpet or a can of paint: they all have their origin in chemistry. This results in large shipping volumes by road, on board of aircrafts and container vessels.

Careful and safe solutions for the chemical industry

Working with chemicals demands special attention from you as producer, importer or distributor. Are all means of transport allowed for chemical products or raw materials?

Are there special packing requirements? Do customs perform extra checks on these products and which formalities should be taken care of? Are you still confident regarding the logistics? Can you save on transport costs when importing or exporting chemicals or not, because you are not familiar with rules and regulations?

We are all familiar with news items where things went wrong with the transport of chemicals. In which safety of people, environment and shipments were endangered. We want to prevent this through keen handling of safety and accuracy. We do not only comply with the strict rules and regulations, but go the extra mile and take care of the transport arrangement for you. For this, a worldwide network of partners for storage and transport of chemicals and hazardous goods is available.


Qualified in-house specialists who are happy to help you with challenges regarding customs related matters, import, export and storage possibilities for chemical products


Access to a quality network for storage and transport of chemicals, were we can advise independently


Accurate quality checks, support in security screening of shipments and additional services such as (re)labelling, (re)packaging and tagging with the necessary data.


Knowledge of the chemical market through experience with several chemical customers (over 5% of our clients). They award our service with an 8-!

How can MOL Logistics support you?

“Chemical in the leather industry: a very special branch. One of our customers asked us how they could best organise certain transports. About 40% of their products is classified as hazardous. Furthermore, in certain periods their goods need to be shipped under controlled temperature. This combination results in high demands for transport and completion time. To handle this, we ship the chemicals worldwide by air freight, a fast solution which also gives room for temperature controlled options. When a shipment within Europe is urgent, we engage an express transport so goods arrive exactly on time. To save cost within Europe, we choose for groupage when possible. To do this worldwide, we consider possibilities to ship the goods by ocean freight containers. To facilitate the loading, we timely place empty containers at loading site, so loading can be done when suited.”

Safe chemical transport

Do you have the right documents for the transport of your chemicals? Do you use standard documents which regularly cause delays in the transport? Does your current carrier have the right papers for the transport of hazardous goods? Doubts and inaccuracies increase the chance of accidents and that can be prevented! Our logistics experts will organise the transport of your chemicals. Whether it concerns shipping via air, ocean, inland transport, road or rail: we choose the right party with the required licenses to get your materials and products at destination.

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Using the correct packaging contributes to safe transport of chemicals. But what if they are not correctly packed? Do you dare to have your staff label the goods again or have them (re)pack the goods? Or do your colleagues do not have the time and space to do this? For several of our clients we take care of these activities (and more)! Furthermore, our customs specialists support you with questions and arranging necessary paperwork. We are allowed to act as Fiscal Representative. With MOL Logistics as your creative partner you will increase your global coverage.

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Are your transport and logistics up-to-date?

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Reliable distribution

You have just received a call from a client needing something out of your range of products. Do you call the carriers you know whether they can urgently collect and deliver this? And then, when collecting the goods, learn that they are not allowed to transport these goods: what to do? Fortunately we can have this situation resolved for you. With accurate distribution and quick time deliveries throughout whole of Europe. And if necessary with an affordable emergency transport. Supported by our online Track & Trace module! Because we know how troublesome it can be when a client keeps calling to inform where the chemicals are.

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