Quality logistics for every industry.

Transport and logistics have a different meaning in every industry and company. We understand that a High Tech company has other questions than an importer of clothing or solar panels. Not only in the daily operations, and especially when it comes to arranging transport and logistics.

We strive for satisfied customers by offering suitable logistic solutions and think for our customers in costs saving

Luckily there are also similarities: every company wants to be serviced professionally. With understandable communication that is suitable for your company: via email, phone, Skype or in a personal meeting.
Therefore we want to know your company. We start with an advisory meeting to gather information of your logistic challenges. Whether this is for a specific shipment, difficulties in your current transport or the total package of logistic services. Quality and client satisfaction are our key elements. You can relax while doing business!


How do you keep up with the rapidly changing automotive industry? And can your logistics handle this? MOL Logistics assists your business!


You will find careful and safe logistics solutions for the chemical industry at MOL Logistics. 


Timely and precise delivery of medical products put high demands on logistics and transport. How can we help you with this?

Fashion & Shoes.

Not something you are waiting for: a batch of fabrics, clothing or shoes that was delivered late or incorrectly. We help you with flexible and fast deliveries.

Parts for aviation, shipping and yacht building

To prevent delays in processes, we are happy to think along with you. In this way we will find the fastest route to the (airport) port for your business.

High tech & electronics.

You will find flexibility and safety for your high-quality technical products at MOL Logistics. We think along with you in cost-effective supply chain solutions.


Producers and distributors of semiconductors, solar panels and spareparts can go for flexible storage, additional quality controls and delivery to projects and distributors in different countries.