Working at MOL Logistics: An interview with Petra Peppenster

That transport and logistics is a typical men's industry has since turned out to be an outdated idea. Both men and women work at MOL Logistics, in all layers and in all departments. Today we speak to Petra Peppenster, Supply Chain Coordinator at our office in Tilburg.

"I love the daily contact with our customers."

Petra, tell me: what are your duties as a Supply Chain Coordinator?
As a Supply Chain Coordinator you are the extension of the customer. Together with the team and other departments, we ensure that the shipment goes from A to B with the correct instructions. In addition, I also arrange emergency transport, assist customers with stock counts and "reworks" (such as repacking, conversion or quality controls) and resolve any problems. One day I am mainly busy with entering orders and the other day is filled with solving irregularities. No one workday is the same and that makes work so much fun for me.

And how does that feel?
If everything is finally arranged, then that really gives me satisfaction! You really have to be able to switch in this position. The variety of activities makes the work varied. I also like being involved in MOL Logistics projects and customer projects.

What do you like most about your work?
My work is hectic, but that gives me energy. I like the contact with our customers, most of the time it is telephone or email. We also have personal contact, for example during the customer contact days.

What, according to you, is the strength of MOL Logistics as employer?
There is an informal atmosphere within the company. Despite the size of the company, you are certainly not a number. You can really be yourself here.

Why should you recommend MOL Logistics to other candidates?
MOL Logistics is a nice company to work for, where you get enough opportunity to follow training. We also regularly do fun things with the department. The annual barbecue is also always fun.

You have been with us since May 2011. What opportunities did you get to develop yourself?
I followed a coaching trajectory, a training in communication skills and hazardous substances and GDP training. All very fun and educational to do.

Can you describe MOL Logistics briefly?
International working environment with clients with various cultural backgrounds.

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