Working at MOL Logistics: An interview with Ian van Rooijen

On a sunny Monday afternoon, we spoke with Ian van Rooijen, Business Development Manager at MOL Logistics. His first period at MOL Logistics gave him a good picture of our organisation.

"We don't think straightforward, but outside the box!"

Well Ian, you have started with us in March 2018. Can you tell us something about your daily activities. What exactly does a Business Development Manager do?
“A lot of my time is spend on the road visiting customers and companies for account management and customer care. One of my main tasks is to make sure our customers remain our customers. Apart from that, I also do many ‘cold-calls’ and various communication, by phone or email and on odd hours. Many of our customers are located in different time zones. Meetings with colleagues (operational and sales) are, off course, also a part of the job.”

What do you find positive of MOL Logistics, and what are their strengths?
“MOL Logistics is a real creative player in the market. Not straightforward, but ‘out of the box’ thinking. This enables us to find good solutions for the challenges our customers give us. Also our colleagues within MOL Logistics (sales, but certainly also operational and support departments) know we are not a large player, and we need our creativity.”

What opportunities did you get to develop yourself?
“We can do our work freely, there is thrust in the employees. Development is important. I come from the airfreight branch, and had some knowledge in ocean freight. Now I also learn about road transport and warehousing, which makes my logistics hart beat faster. MOL Logistics stimulates learning. Development is not just following courses and education.”

We can imagine that gives you energy! What is it that makes your job fun?
“The interaction with the people is what I like most. In addition, to make the clients realise that MOL Logistics is the right partner for their logistical issues. That, together with the customer, we offered a creative solution for their challenge, that we made possible what seemed impossible!”

Can you describe MOL in 1 or 2 words?
“That is ‘creative’ and ‘outside-the-box.”

Last but not least: why would you recommend our company to prospects?
“MOL Logistics is a beautiful, hard working group of people, where development and learning is important. Colleagues also are eager to help in your development, which is a comfortable climate to work in.”

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