Working at MOL Logistics: An interview with Harold van Oudheusden

Already many years in logistics: Harold van Oudheusden, Team leader Warehouse. Since 1991 Harold has known several functions within the company, we talk about them in this interview.

"You create opportunities yourself by being positive about work and life."

We begin at the beginning. In which function did you start?
I started as temp worker at MOL (Fuji location), my first job was warehouse employee. After this, I moved to the General Cargo (goods receipt) at Hermex (daughter of MOL Logistics). I was here quite a while and managed a small team. In this function, I worked internal at Fujifilm and became Team leader. I started with a small team, which grew to 20 colleagues. Recently, in May 2019, I was offered to start as Team leader Warehouse at MOL Logistics.

What chances did you get to develop yourself? Did you have certain educations?
Mostly you create your own chances, by a positive attitude in work and life. They always asked me to step in at other functions. In the course of the years I followed several educations, such as forklift papers, ADR (dangerous goods), air freight controller and job coach. The latter I still enjoy doing very much.

What does your workday look like as Team Leader Warehouse?
Each workday starts with the planning and a meeting with the Foreman. We discuss the day and look at what needs to be done. I like to manage the people around me to proactive thinking and finding solutions. In my new function, I also have tasks such as managing the material, stock control and meetings with HR (Human Recourses). I like this very much. Sometimes surprises come your way. An unexpected visit from the pest control company, packaging material, which is ordered, and ready for pick up. Each day is different. For now, there are enough challenges and I will not be bored for a while in this job.

What is it that makes your work interesting (or not)?
I do not like negativity. I always try to look at things in a positive way and, together with the team, keep our customers satisfied. Everybody here has their own responsibility, this was new to me at first and I had to get used to that. As ‘new kid on the block’ I had to make myself re-acquainted with the company. That’s why I choose to help with the organisation of the 100 year anniversary of the company, also to get to know more people. I am a people’s person and enjoy giving guidance to new staff or temp workers.

What, according to you, is the strength of MOL Logistics as employer?
That it is informal and short lines. Everybody speaks to each other, regardless who you are or in what function. The doors are always open and there is a lot of involvement. MOL Logistics is a person orientated company which I find very pleasant. I have never gone to work reluctantly. Often I think: oh, it is already time to go home. I am involved in my work a lot, also after working hours. I check my email so I know what’s going on.

Why should you recommend MOL Logistics to other candidates?
Especially the informal character and the many growth opportunities. You can start here as warehouse member and grow to, for instants, supervisor.

Can you describe the company in 1 or 2 words?
That is 1 word: informal!

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