Stock controlAlways up to date with your current stock.

Stock control includes all facets of goods flow in your organisation. Maintaining insight in your stock and taking timely action can be done in different ways, MOL Logistic can take care of this for you. For high as well as low turnover, large or small number of articles: we will provide an accurate administration!

Always and everywhere insight in your actual stock.

Do you know what’s in your warehouse? Do you wish to keep sufficient stock but do not have the necessary space? Sometimes you need some help. Choose MOL Logistics for your partner in warehousing and stock control. Through our advanced online system you can monitor all your orders, inclusing the actual status of each individual shipment. In addition each product is visable with corresponding serial and batch number. This way your goods flow is under control with reliable data.

Order status through our Warehouse Management Systeem
If MOL Logistics controls your stock, you have insight in your static stock as well as all warehouse activities through our Warehouse Management System. You can see for each individual order whether it is picked, ready for shipping or even already on its way. Then, the monitoring smoothly changes into the satus of transport up to the delivery of the goods. From stock to end-user, your overview is complete.

Accurate and essential counts
You will receive important signals for critical stock at the right moment. This way you can order your new stock, your orders will be processed and your clients receive what they want. Among other things, MOL distinguishes herself with a high stock accuracy. This thanks to our powerfull Warehouse Management System which exactly monitors the stock in all stadiums. Part of this is the periodic stock counts or parts thereof. Naturally we can provide for this, if desired together with your own staff.

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