Within the transport and logistics many terminology is used. We receive many questions about these. Below we show you some of the frequently asked questions. Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly help you!

What can MOL Logistics do?
We offer a full range of services in the area of transport and logistics. Among others, you can turn to us for:


Including bonded / non-bonded storage, stock management, cross docking and Value Added Logistics / Value Added Services.

Customs activities

Can individuals become customers at MOL Logistics?

MOL Logistics mainly offers her services on the business market. It is therefore not possible as individual to become one of our customers.

How long will it take before my shipment is at destination?

This depends on the kind of shipment and the destination. In general a shipment via ocean freight will take more time than a shipment via road transport or air freight. Our Customer Service and Operational employees will gladly inform you further.

Does MOL Logistics have their own fleet?

MOL Logistics is a so called 3PL / 4PL service provider. This means we do not have our own fleet and make use of selected, qualified partners. This way we can choose the right carrier for your shipment and because of our large-scale us we profit from competitive rates.

Does MOL Logistics solely work with own offices?

All worldwide service provider MOL Logistics has offices all over the world. We can deploy international expertise for all your questions and shipments. Besides this we use leading agents.

How can I apply for a quotation?

Do you have an application for air freight you can send it to salesair@mol-logistics.nl. For an application for ocean freight, please send an email to salessea@mol-logistics.nl. An application for road transport can be send to salesroad@mol-logistics.nl. For all other requests for quotations please refer to info@mol-logistics.nl. Of course you can also fill in the quotation form on the website.

Which fuel surcharge does MOL Logistics use?

The fuel surcharge depends on many factors. Have a look at our special diesel surcharge page for more information and the actual charges.

Can MOL Logistics provide all necessary (customs) documents?

Yes, we can. We gladly assist you with the various import and export documents you need when shipping your products.

Where and when can my shipments be collected?

Our Customer Service and Operational Team can provide you with this information. We gladly keep you updated regarding your shipment!

What are the visiting addresses of the MOL Logistics offices?

MOL Logistics has three offices in The Netherlands: in Tilburg, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Please find below the contact details.

Headquarters MOL Logistics Tilburg
Siriusstraat 45
5015 BT Tilburg

MOL Logistics Rotterdam
Hoefsmidstraat 41
3194 AA Hoogvliet-Rotterdam

MOL Logistics Amsterdam
Prestwickweg 30
Building part D, 2nd floor
1118 LB Schiphol-Southeast

What are the opening hours of the MOL Logistics offices?

Our offices are open between 09:00 and 17:00 o’clock. Naturally you can always contact us by email or phone. For emergencies several phone numbers are available. You can find these under contacts.

Why is there a term of payment?

The owed amount should be in our account within the agreed payment term. This way we can timely pay the carriers concerned so they can offer us favourable conditions. Of course our clients profit from these conditions!

What is the contact for questions regarding invoices?

For our national creditors administration you can contact:
E-mail: crediteuren@mol-logistics.nl
Tel.: +31 (0)13 - 5373 434 (Ms Anja Hardjoprajitno)
Tel.: +31 (0)13 - 5373 540 (Mrs Lia Agerbeek)

For our international creditors administration you can contact:
E-mail: w.kroon@mol-logistics.nl
Tel.: +31 (0)13 - 5373 433 (Mrs Wilma Kroon)

How can I register on the MOL Logistics website?

To gain access to our online modules for, among other things, Track & Trace and stock control, you can request a login name and password from us. This will allow you to log in via our website and directly view your shipment details. Of course, these services are only available to our customers.

Where can I file a complaint?

Firstly we are very sorry that you are not happy with our service. Naturally we will do everything possible to take away your discontent. You can contact us by filing your complaint via this link.We will look for the best solution together.

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