EDI Electronic Data Interchange.

Digitalisation is conquering the world. Where first phone, fax and mail were main communication means, we can no longer disregard email and internet. For transport and logistics the main impact is the ordering and delivery of products for you and your clients. Time for a renewed and efficient way of business: Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) helps us!

Fast processing results in time and cost savings.

Quality improvement in delivery
The chain of manufacturing and distributing goods has many links before the final destination is reached. The use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) offers a standardised solution for the exchange of messages between the partners in the logistics chain. For the electronic exchange of f.e. orders, we offer several applications. These applications vary from EDI-messaging by means of Flatfiles, Edifact, Odette, VDA to the automated reading of spreadsheets. As we have these methods of data exchange in-house, we can adapt these to your company and systems. This makes it even more easy!

Fast processing results in time and cost savings
In these times, speed is an indispensable and essential part of success. It can benefit your company is several ways. Concider the shorthening of lead-times or the delivery of new products. The corresponding advantages can have a major impact on your margins and profit. The electronic data exchange will hand your staff the tools to improve productivity and decrease the overhead costs. Shorter delivery times means shorter lead times and lower stock costs.

Accurate transfer of your business documents
Exchanging traditional documents means transfer of information by transcription or the entering of data. This information exchange can cause errors in the process. Exchanging your business documents through EDI is less error sensitive and results in higher client satisfaction. Furthermore, the electronically send orders no longer have to be entered manually into the logistics system. You will reduce the afministrative burdon of your collegues as well as the chance of manual (typing) mistakes. This will contribute to effiency within your organisation.

Are your transport and logistics up-to-date?

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