Open top containers

These containers do not have a solid roof but are covered with waterproof tarpaulin that is fastened with ropes. In addition, an open top container has lashings on the inside so that the load will not slide. Well suited for over-height and / or long loads.

20FT Open top 40FT Open Top
Capacity 32.4 cbm 66.2 cbm
Inside dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 5,893 x 2,346 x 2,348 12,022 x 2,346 x 2,348
Door opening (WxH) 2.336 x 2.244 2.336 x 2.244
Roof opening in mm (WxL) 5.760 x 2.228 11.891 x 2.184
Weight (max. Gross / total weight) 30.480 kg 30.480 kg
Tare (container) weight 2,380 kg 3.880
Max. weight of cargo 28,100 kg 26.600

Note: these are dimensions of 1 shipping company. There are many more different shipping companies, so the mentioned dimensions may differ. 

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