Special dimensions: Flat Rack

Do you have to carry heavy loading, overhaul and / or transshipment freight? Then Flat Racks are the most suitable. Flat Racks have collapsible end frames, lashings on the rails at the bottom and corner supports that protect the load with tires or chains.
20FT Flat Rack 40FT Flat Rack
Capacity 28.4 cbm 53.2 cbm
Inside dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 5,652 x 2,438 x 2,213 12,082 x 2,438 x 1,955
Weight (max. Gross / total weight) 34,000 kg 45,000 kg
Tare (container) weight 3,050 kg 6,200 kg
Max. weight of cargo 30,950 kg 38,800 kg

Note: these are dimensions of 1 shipping company. There are many more different shipping companies, so the mentioned dimensions may differ. 

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