What to do with temperature-sensitive products?

When a container transports temperature-sensitive products, such as food, films, plants or pharmaceutical products, it is of course important that the right temperature is kept. This is done in so-called reefer containers that contain cooling units on the side of the container. Cold or warmer air then constantly circulates around the load. This ensures the quality of the cargo throughout the journey.

20FT Reefer 40FT Reefer HQ
Capacity 28.2 cbm 64.9 cbm
Inside dimensions in mm (LxWxH) 5,446 x 2,268 x 2,260 11,558 x 2,284 x 2,522
Door opening (WxH) 2.290 x 2.264 2.286 x 2.542
Weight (max. Gross / total weight) 30.480 kg 34,000 kg
Tare (container) weight 3,080 kg 4,720 kg
Max. weight of cargo 27.400 29,280 kg

Note: these are dimensions of 1 shipping company. There are many more different shipping companies, so the mentioned dimensions may differ. 

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