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A lot of jargon is used in transport and logistics. If you are not involved in logistics on a daily basis, this can be confusing or unclear. That is why we have set up a page here, where you can look up technical terms and find background information.

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Container measurements.

Containers, they come in various shapes and sizes. Do you know which container(s) you need for your specific shipments, for a certain number of pallets or for goods with different dimensions?

Volume weight calculations.

Not only the weight, but also the space that a shipment takes up is an important part in determining the shipping costs. Calculate the volume weight and the 'paying' weight for your shipment directly here.


Incoterms: they occur regularly in the purchase and sale of products and goods. But what do they mean and what exactly do they serve? And what are the Incoterms 2020?


In the transport sector there are various surcharges, including the diesel surcharge. The diesel price changes regularly and is an unavoidable cost item within the transport sector. Read more about common surcharges in the transport sector here.

Stock control.

Inventory management encompasses everything that has to do with managing the flow of goods within your company. MOL Logistics can help you with smart inventory management. For both high and low turnover rates, a large or small number of articles. 

Track & Trace.

Knowing where your goods are during transport is extremely important. With our specially developed Track & Trace tool you can follow your incoming and outgoing road transport shipments online and you always have access to up-to-date status and order information.

Online transport booking.

Convenience serves people, including you as an entrepreneur. By sending your transport orders electronically, you reduce the waiting time, while we can immediately start working on your shipment.

Gas measurements & degas.

In order to prevent unwanted intruders as much as possible, we support our customers with so-called gas measurements and the natural or forced degassing of their containers. Naturally safe for people and the environment.


Digitization continues to conquer the world. In transport and logistics, this has an impact on the way in which you and your customers order and deliver goods. Time for a new, efficient way of doing business: Electronic Data Interchange helps with this!

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Frequently asked questions.

On this page you will find the answers to questions that we regularly receive about our service. We are happy to help you with these frequently asked questions!