Quality and service.

Of course you can go to price fighters or "the big boys" for your logistical challenges. Would you rather not rely on the support of a company where you are still a real customer? Where quality and service are important!

Our view on quality

MOL Logistics is so much more than a transporter that takes your shipments from A to B. Through years of experience, well-trained employees, internationally recognized certifications and high-quality facilities, we, as your forwarder, take service to a higher level.

Increasingly higher demands
Social developments and increasing international competition lead to increasingly higher quality requirements. Quality is more and more dominated by ‘meeting the expectations of the customer’. That is why we think it is important to manage risks for our company and our customers, to use our resources efficiently and to manage our organizational processes. All with the aim of achieving the highest possible customer satisfaction. The internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 standard fits in perfectly with this. MOL Logistics has this certificate and we are proud of that!

ISO 9001:2015 certified

With this ISO 9001:2015 certification we monitor and control our own performance and that of our partners. Consider, for example, procedures for handling shipments, storage of goods, cleaning and pest prevention. Some parts of other standards (such as the ISO 13485 standard and the GDP / GMP standards) are included. In addition, we find training and education of our staff extremely important. We keep it up to date, so that all certifications are and remain valid.

As a member of several branch organizations we are always up to date with new rules, regulations and developments within the branch. For example, we are a member of NDL/HIDC, the association of and for the logistics sector.

AEO full certified

Since 2008 our company has the AEO certificate, which Sinds 2008 is ons bedrijf AEO gecertificeerd. qualifies us as a safe and reliable partner in the international forwarding business. Customs clearance will go quicker and smoother which results in less physical and documentation checks. Furthermore, our own customs experts will manage each shipment.

With our qualification as ‘Known Airfreight Agent’ we limit the risk on delays through safety checks to a minimum.

Quality for our customers

In order to ensure and continue to improve the quality for our customers, we attach great importance to audits. These audits are done by an external agency and by our internal quality employees. All departments will be audited according to a rotation system.


Quality comes first: we have AEO, ISO and IATA certifications


We keep thousands of different items in stock for our customers, with an accuracy of 98%


Worldwide over 110 strategic locations and over 250 partners available: local, national and international expertise

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