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Working in an international company that is involved in transport and logistics, which still has the feel of a real family owned company? Are you an amitious, customer oriented professional and are interested to start in a new challenging job? Then you will definitely feel at home here at MOL Logistics!

Feels like a family business

Open door culture



Worldwide network of colleagues


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Jobs at MOL Logistics:

Expediteur Rotterdam

Expediteur Rotterdam

Jr. Sales Executive

Jr. Sales Executive

Colleagues about working at MOL Logistics:

How does the application process work?

We can imagine that you would like to know how the entire application process at MOL Logistics works. Below we have divided this into 5 steps. This way you know exactly where you stand!

Step 1: Apply

We place our vacancies on our website. Wil je een open sollicitatie opsturen of meer informatie over stage lopen bij MOL Logistics, stuur dan je email aan Madelon of Lieke naar HR:

If you would like more information about our company or the vacancy, you can call the HR & Quality department on 013-5373431. And also check out this website for more information about our company.

Step 2: Assessment of applications

When we have received your application, we will process it. We strive to respond within two weeks. If we have become enthusiastic about your submitted application, we invite you for an introductory meeting. It may also be that you are rejected based on the assessment, then we will send you an email. In the context of the GDPR, we will then destroy the motivation letter, CV and email after completing the application procedure.

We always appreciate that a candidate has shown interest in working at MOL Logistics and would like to thank you for the effort taken.

Step 3: Introductory meeting

The introductory meeting normally takes place with the (future) direct manager and an HR Specialist. During this exploratory conversation we try to get a good impression of you as a person and of your capacities and we see whether you could become the new colleague within MOL Logistics. Of course you will also have the space to ask questions about the vacancy and our company, please even! We think it is important to give a clear and honest picture of our organization and the vacancy so that you can also make a good choice.

Step 4: Follow-up interview

When the introductory meeting has been positive for both parties, we ask you for a follow-up interview. This conversation basically takes place with a (future) direct colleague and another HR Specialist. We will delve deeper into the content of the position and your capabilities and motivation. An assessment or other third party test may be part of the procedure. Depending on the position, a conversation can still take place.

Step 5: Contract proposal

When we are convinced of your qualities, we will make you an offer to work with us. The terms of employment are set out in more detail in this offer.

After signing the necessary documents, we welcome you to MOL Logistics!

Welcome to MOL Logistics!

We make further arrangements for your first working day and also make an introduction plan so that you will quickly find your niche within our organization.

We also schedule an introductory meeting so that you are informed in a short time.