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For arranging your transport and logistics you only need one partner: MOL Logistics (Netherlands) BV. Our specialists for importing and exporting your goods, arranging transport and customs related matters are ready for you!

Solutions for your industry

Businesses from every industry can come to us for suitable transport and logistics solutions. Thanks to specialized knowledge and combined purchasing power, we think creatively with your challenges in logistics and transport.

What does your company need?

Whether you need a fast turnaround time, high-quality transport or complete advice for your entire supply chain. We think along with you when importing and exporting your goods worldwide. You can expect the best logistical care.

Stay ahead with our Academy

Would you like to know more about container dimensions, calculating loading meters or Incoterms? To help you on your way, we offer you various useful tools and knowledge documents. We call this the MOL Logistics Academy.

Logistics and transport: accessible, efficient and reliable

Organizing transport and logistics can be quite time consuming. Especially when you would rather focus on your own core business.

Our experts are quick on their feet in the world of logistics and transportation. We would like to help you with your logistic and transportation challenges.

With MOL Logistics as your creative partner in logistics you will no longer have to look for the best way to transport your goods!

Recent news

Brexit: everything about Transitional Simplified Procedures

Brexit: everything about Transitional Simplified Procedures

Much has been said and written about it: the Brexit. We are moving towards a deadline: 31 October 2019. It is still uncertain whether and how the United Kingdom will leave the European Union (EU). If it comes to a hard Brexit then there is no transition period and you will immediately notice the consequences. The United Kingdom then becomes a ‘third country’ and goods are not treated differently than, for example, when they come from China. After the Brexit you must make a declaration if you import goods from the UK or transport them within the EU. Or if you export goods to the UK.

What about the Sulfur / IMO 2020?

What about the Sulfur / IMO 2020?

From January 2020 new rules apply for the permitted amount of sulfur in fuel for shipping: IMO 2020. This has been decided by the Marine Environmental Protection Committee of the IMO (International Maritime Organization). The measures must ensure less sulfur emissions and therefore a better environment. What does it exactly mean for shipping? And for sending your containers?

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